Local Arts & Crafts

Clay Pot Vendors
Curio Vendors at Graskop Falls


Web Master's Note:
Please spare a thought for our local artists & crafters.  They bring you the finest local arts & crafts of the region and trade under very difficult conditions.

They need and value your support!


Clay Pot Vendors
Three kilometers out of town, on the R532 towards Sabie/Pilgrim's Rest, vendors along the road have - what must be - the largest collection of locally made clay pots in the region.  The sizes of these pots vary from miniatures to huge ones that will fill the boot of your car.

Curio Vendors at Graskop Falls
Here you can shop for wooden and clay bowls and pots, stone carvings, beadwork, walking sticks, ethnic wooden masks, hand-printed cloth and other African Arts & Crafts.

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